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Mohamed Salah's formulation combines with Liverpool's consolidation at the top of the Premier League and makes the Reds believe more and more. Luca Montric admitted in late September that the World had exhausted him. His case is of course different from the others, having played a decisive role in Croatia's course to the final and there were moments when he felt he had left his soul on the pitch. After big events however, it is quite common for a footballer to take time to get back on track. Not only will his national team reach, but the whole process, physically and mentally, can derail a footballer for a while, let alone when he is at the top.

Mohamed Salah, for his part, was the one who pulled Liverpool through to the Champions League final, was injured, spent some time worrying about whether to stay out and whether to prevent the World Cup. He traveled to Russia to play in two of Cooper's three defeats. Like the rest, they are not robots. Liverpool's ecosystem helps him out very spiritually, but it took time. He came from an injury, he had a Mundial, but also a year on his back, which at the individual level was very difficult to make again. A season with 32 goals and 10 assists, which brought him to the final triple of the FIFA awards, with Montrich the final winner. By no means was Salah negative this year. But it didn't have the decisive impact of the previous year, as it needed to adapt to a different role on Clop's chessboard.

Liverpool this year looks to have evolved overall. With stability in defense, quality under the beams, and alternatives capable of sustaining Klopp's intense play in the depths of a marathon race, he looks more ready than ever to keep on top. But with Pep Guardiola's "engine" in direct contact, even after the defeat by Crystal Palace, as well as many difficult turns on her way, good Salah is more than necessary.

Goals bring psychology and Mo now counts six goals in seven games, showing that he is coming back in the difficult times. His hit on the inhospitable Molino shows psychology and clear thinking. The drive to get out of the mark, the immediate execution with the outside of the left foot. Exercise self-confidence. In Van Dyk's goal, he drops the ball and does not fill in the blind in the area, though the defender comes out on top immediately. It takes the time it takes to locate his teammate in the area with the extra step and sends the ball to the Dutchman. Another difficult seat had fallen and the Egyptian had made a decisive contribution.

Using him in the role of a central striker makes him a spearhead in the shape of Klop, but he also needed time to adjust. Last year it started more than the right. He was in central positions as Fermino did a lot of work without the ball and had a great defensive contribution to find space and concentrate on his offensive duties, but the Egyptians caused the flaws mainly coming from the "wing". This year this is mainly done in the "big" matches. Jamie Carragher claimed that the German feels more secure in the derby when starting at the right end, as he uses another player in the center. In a match like Molino, however, with two defensive midfielders, a midfield triple and Salah free at the top, the 26 year looks more decisive. He is there to make a difference and despite not being so explosive for his start to the season, he is the top scorer in the league with 11 goals and has shared five assists. Of these 11s, 8s have opened scores.

Even if he does not reach last year's numbers, Salah puts Liverpool on a winning track and his formative comes at a time when his team is called upon to manage the lead it has acquired, to show everyone that it is not stunning from the top. . Egypt's personality and level is there, even when it doesn't score. The important thing is to stay away from injuries.

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