The evil demon ...

Don't ask God to be Liverpool and wait for Manchester United to do the 'funeral' at City to get the championship after just 30 years. We're talking about a curse, not a joke. Wait three decades for a championship and to win it must be your eternal enemy.

And City is for United the little annoying neighbor who grabbed five dollars and bought it and blasted it big. This is the City for the United States cosmopolitan. The newly renovated apartment of the neighboring pub. And he was called upon to win it so that the eternal enemy would receive the mug. Parenthesis. PAOK once played with Kalamaria and if they lost, Aris would fall. And all of Tuba was waiting for PAOK to smell the lily and leave the middle and humiliate the eternal enemy. The bracket closes.

United did not win City, they lost. Either he hit it but he was not capable, or he played without motivation, he ate two pastels and City is still the grand title favorite. Curse, too, to be the cause of losing the title to the eternal enemy and not be able to enjoy it because your little fellow-idol, who plays you a funk and steals fans from your common "pumping bucket", has torn you down. .

And now what; Is history in England over? Did the title lock? Will the Premier League trophy or the last leader from the city of Liverpool to lift the champion's cup in the air of Anfield remain in red jerseys this year, will Scottish Alan Hansen remain? That will be the case in the last three races, and if the Liberians have a hope of doing the groovy trick and turning over their time-honored data, it is up to tradition.

Great importance is given to the English tradition, nowhere else, as in the Island, does it count in the consciousness of the world what a team, a player, a coach has done in the recent or distant past. And Pep Guardiola's tradition says that in his career on the bench, two (2) teams have not won. Only two clubs remain undefeated against the once-defensive international and current coach of the Citizens.

Guardiola has faced Wigan only once and lost, and is left without a win and against Celtic, with two draws, one inside, one out and a score of 4-4 goals (1-1 and 3-3 in particular).

And who was the coach who put two "handcuffs" on Pep as a Celtic boss? What was the opposing bench that forced Guardiola to two draws in an equal match with the top Scottish team? A Liverpool kid, Brendan Rodgers. Now it is Brighton's manager that City will face in the final game of the season, where it is possible to rule the title definitively and irrevocably, but also to keep Brighton in the category!