Gustav Gryzman…

Who is Gryzman? An angry person with an angelic instinct. Count it and say a little. You leave him aside. That gets annoying. You ignore him. In the end, it enters your eye and blinds you. That is how chickenpox worked. I know it first hand.

Well done. Gryzman in Barca. In the platform's conscience, the slogan was tied to Athletic's shirt for five years and after he, now a world champion in Moscow, had rejected the Catalans' proposal last summer, he finally bid farewell to Madrid. Against 120 million, this is the clause in his contract with Athletic. At least the 28 old Frenchman does not move to Real.

I learned the story by chance from a friend of mine, Uruguayan. Martin Lasarte. A drunkard, like my party, that the Mayan sun hit us head on in Puerto de la Ciudadela, Montevideo. Tiga in tequila from last night I don't even remember that we were parked in this colonial monument of the capital.

Since then, however, we have become inseparable with Martin. Hummingbird man. Many candles. She cut the talent from kilometers away. To make me understand, he brought out the ultimate vampire, Luis Suarez in Nacional. He developed Gryzeman when some drunken moons also brought us both to the Basque country.

I was ahead when Eric Alla brought this little Antoine from France. Alla was a Sociedad scout with rude behavior. He never had a taste for it, but he had an eye and a razor-sharp mind. The mischievous his compatriots chased the 13 Chronicle Greysman from every trial because he was short-sighted. Apparently Messi's reputation had not reached their peak.

So Ola grabbed the little one and brought him to San Sebastian. Lasarte counted him "I learned that you are called Griezmann".

- No, sir. Gryzman is my name, the slogan replied.

Griezmann? Are you German, you bastard? Martin tried to catch him.

- No, sir, I'm Alsatian, he replied calmly, without lowering his gaze.

Martin decided it right now. The little one had to pass the hard test. He sent him into the lobby with the Uruguayans who had himself installed in Hanoi. To Carlos Buenos, a striker who caught his opponent by the bushes and the referee in the standings. And of course Chori Castro, a vaporizer from Flores, a distant descendant of the father of Uruguayan nation Jose Gervasio Artigas. This has never prevented him from doing dirty work. On the contrary, it made it easier for him.

Everyone believed that Gryzman would not go out on the weekend either. And yet the young man not only succeeded, but became a Uruguayan defender. To find out, when Atletico Madrid finally acquired him, Buenos Aires and Castro contacted their arch-rivals compatriots Diego Godin and Sebola Rodriguez to take over as their players.

They didn't have to do much. Diego Simeone appreciated Griessman's hard work at once. Also the special upbringing that Uruguayans had given him over the years.

The rest are known. Antoine's evolution was impressive. As well as his insistence on playing for the national team in France, even though his compatriots had faced him in the past with the most bluesy style.

Benzema's rookie selfie blocking, which, in my opinion, should have reopened for Bastille, brought Greysman to the forefront of Jouro 2016. Didier Dessan took him to the team, but he has no idea who he is. What do you expect from a Frenchman who while he could be Fernandez's worthy successor to the broad ranks of French comedy, decided to become a coach.

It is said that in the first half of the match with Ireland, the players discussed it and informed Dessan that Griessman would no longer play as an extreme and would take center stage behind Giroux. Didier had no choice but to accept it. We're serious, we don't have fun. Bese for bess. Antoine smiled at Duffy (not Patrick of Dallas, we're talking about Shane the Sack Buck) and then made him a greenspan. Two goals and a tumble.

Dessan was overwhelmed by his joy, and in his comedic statements at any rate, he implied that it was his own inspiration for the shift of the Graysman to the axis.

I'm sitting outside the Basilica of Saint-Denis with Martin Lassart, my friend who I told you about, and we philosophize. We made an appointment here in the necropolis of Paris to get a closer look at Griezmann. This time in the match against Iceland he will have a Vikings face to face. Ragnar, not Lothbrog, but Sigurdson. Iceland small but large psychic stocks. "Cheers. Whatever happens to our palate will be won ... "Martin mumbled and lowered a glass of French wine he had trampled on his way across Bordeaux.