The legend of the team ...

Real or Barcelona? It's not the same thing. Their myth is different. Who are you with? With Olympiacos or Panathinaikos. With Russia or America. Anna Vissi or Despina Vandi. Syriza or ND. Stavridis or Gionakis. Robert de Niro or Al Pacino. Pele or Maradona. Kazantzidis or Bithikotsis.

Man always has his preferences, his weaknesses. Why so. Most of the time without criteria. Without knowing what is happening to him. Why so. To be in the game. To belong somewhere, to have an opponent.

It is a gabbro e.g. If you ask him why, the universe will laugh with him. There is no logic because he is a jerk. If you ask them to tell you why you are aektzis, paoktzis, arianos, gabros, vaselos, then you will easily find that the reasons for joining, preferring this and that team are completely funny, completely non-existent. The most desperate? "I'm with this team, because…" and states the exact same reasons why others are loyal fans of other teams.

Yes, because we say that the fan is "recruited" emotionally in a group, not because it expresses something specific, special, tangible, but because of its "myth". And he noticed: The so-called myth of the team is not the same for each of its fans. Of course not. Everyone, depending on the madness they carry, wants their team as they like to imagine it.

Harvard, the renowned American university, has conducted a worldwide market research, so to speak. And based on some specific data, he estimates that Real has 228 million friends internationally, not exactly fans. The second team on earth is Manchester United with 168 million fans. Because such a measurement of "friends", not fans, and not admirers. We said. Each group emits a different myth. And not just because she comes from this and that country, e.g. Spain and England, with roots and data altogether, on a historical, cultural level.

The popularity of these two groups, more than the popularity of the two groups, is due to the fact that English is the dominant language in the world, and there are tens of millions of Spanish-speaking people.

In our question: Real or Barcelona? Such a question does not need any research from Harvard and Columbia, Eaton and Oxford, to realize that through football comes out the other of its repugnant, classy, ​​patriotic, cultural.

We leave Real and Barcelona, ​​essentially groups of two different nations, Spain and Catalonia, and let's get to ours. At Olympiacos and Panathinaikos.

He has always played the tale that Panathinaikos is a ruling class group. Of the capital. Of plutocracy. The aristocracy. The Athens team. Shell, that is. That is the power group, the background. And they were saying all this seriously. We're talking about serious assholes.

On the other hand, he played the tale that Olympiacos is the people's group. The folk to be a group, the poverty group, the wizard, the harbor, and more like that.