LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 24: Luke Modric of Real Madrid poses for a photo during the Best FIFA Football Awards Show at the Royal Festival Hall on September 24, 2018 in London, England. (Photo by Dan Istitene / Getty Images)

The player of the year ...

When the years have passed and Lionel Messi and Christian Ronaldo have retired from active action, then we all will realize how lucky we are to have lived through football in the era of the two top superstars. 2008 launched their own Golden Dipole and this year - after five conquests each - Luca Montric broke it. Do you also remember how your 2007 was when Kaka won the Golden Ball? Because a lot has changed on the world map of football ...

The national "hurricane" of Spain

For many years he had been seeking discretion, but could never take the step further. With player bouts such as Raoul, Morientes, Hierro, Joaquin, Valerone and Medieta, the "rock forties" had not been able to break the curse of winning the 2007 European Championship until 1964. Since then, the batch of Chavi, Iniesta, Casillas, Chabi Alonso and the rest have scanned everything in their path. Two Euro conquests (2008, 2012) and one World Cup conquest (2010) make Spain the top national team of the last decade.

The 2007 world champion in active year was the Italian national (World 2006) and our European national team (Euro 2004) European champion. Much has changed since then, as Greece is now in the final stages of a major 2014 event, while Italy has failed to provide the "present" in the recent Russian World Cup. Now, the two of them are competing for Euro 2020, as they are drawn in the same qualifying group.

The most accurate transfer in world football, when Kaka won the Golden Ball, was that of Zinedine Zidane from Juventus to Real Madrid, 2001, for 77 million. Since then, the amounts have been soaring and it is indicative that Spanish goalkeeper Capa this summer cost Chelsea 80 million, more than the big Zizu. Compared to the then-record-setting record, today's is up by 145 million, as Paris Saint-Germain gave Barcelona 222 million last summer to make Neymar her own. One that is expected to be surpassed (probably by Ebabe) in the coming years…

The post-Ferguson era

After three years away from the top of England, 2007 Manchester United again won the Premier League, with Sir Alex Ferguson's empire growing up at Old Trafford. The all-time leading coach stayed on the bench until 2013, winning three more championships and an extra Champions League. Since then, his "shadow" has covered everything in the club, with United having spent hundreds of millions of euros but not winning another league since.

As in all aspects of life, in football as well, technology has gone into the good of everyday life. After many dietary mistakes during major competitions, the World Football Federation initially introduced Goal Line Technology, and recently entered the World Football Map and VAR. Something like… social media, that 2007 didn't even exist in our lives and now we don't live without them.

The "petrodollars" in football

The sharp increase in the amount spent on transfers in recent years is largely due to the Arab's entry into football. 2007 did not include Sheikh Mansour in Manchester City (entered 2008), nor Nasser Al-Kaleifi in Paris Saint-Germain (entered 2011). With their petrodollars changed the data on the European football map and made their teams superpowers. Still, however, they have not been able to taste the "nectar" of winning the Champions League, although some of the top footballers on the planet are on the roster of their teams.

Brazil in search of identity

2007 conquered the Copa America on Venezuelan stadiums, attempting to refurbish it after the big batches of Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Coffee and Roberto Carlos. Although the early messages were encouraging about the page change, Brazil has not been able to reach a title since (with the exception of the Confederations Cup), and is lagging far behind in talent. Only Neymar could be considered a friend of the elders, but he is hopelessly alone in a group that has lost its Latin "magic" and is more ... European.

A Lady ... from the threshing floors, to the lounges

2007 Juventus came from the Calciopolis scandal, which had cost her the downgrade. The "Big Lady" fought the 2006-07 season in Serie B, climbing straight into the "big lounges" and then following the empire of the Bianconeri, who from 2012 to date have counted seven Italian championships. From Pesotto and Salihamijic, Juventus's NO7 is currently worn by Christian Ronaldo.

They were talking about slides

Contrary to Juventus's course is Milan's tenure of Messi and Ronaldo. At 2007, the Rossoneri had won the Champions League in the Athens final and had players such as Pirlo, Zendorf, Maldini, Nesta and Kafou. In recent years, however, Greater Milan has nothing to do with the recent past. She has been in the Champions League since the 2013-14 season, and has never finished sixth in Serie A. for the past five years. As for her roster, the majority of players who make up today would not be able to 2007 Milan.

The entrance of the Chinese

Until 2007, soccer players who were at the west end of their careers usually returned to the men's football team before hanging up their shoes. In recent years, most have been going for the latest 'stamps' in the United States, Qatar and most recently in China. The Chinese have been heavily involved in the football market and with their hundreds of millions spending, they have attracted some of the biggest names in world football, creating "headaches" in the superpowers of European stadiums.