The PAOK Balkans…

The Balkan PAOK is drawn in a European match against an opponent from the essentially non-European zone Cyprus. The era when the big footballer is in the same cubic foot with Malta, Luxembourg and Coa. It gets the first game the Balkans PAOK and revenge is not done. The heroic Macedonian PAOK was excluded on the cards because he used a player who had no right to fight. When did the incident happen?

Just remember when exactly this spitting happened. No matter if it became 45 years or 25 and five years ago. When PAOK remains the same, the known. The problematic. The refugee. The starter. The stingy one with his eloquence.

The truth is annoying, but karyola is useful. PAOK has not reached the standard age at least until today. As I say. Play a dry ace when playing in Tuba. Such as Olympiacos for decades in Karaiskakis. Panathinaikos on the Avenue, AEK, to a lesser extent, in Philadelphia.

PAOK has not done that yet. The ace in Tuba. Even on the very top. Even with opponents far inferior. You bet PAOK and you run the risk of getting banana peels.

To know what we are saying. The 4th place in the domestic hierarchy that PAOK holds is not a success, according to its cubics. It is not a conquest. PAOK is simply missing the fourth in a row and in the absence of another team, PAOK occupies the "honorary" position, behind Olympiakos, Panathinaikos, AEK.

Extremely crucial bunch, so matchmaking, PAOK - Basel. Law. The criticality of the match on the one hand and the Balkan PAOK make you hesitant. Have we been misunderstood again? A bunch is, not a bunch, it is about qualifying round. And PAOK is the one who has to prove something, not the Swiss champions league.

Bad lies. The bicep favorite will come out tonight, but under pressure, with his opponents in Greece suspected of being the well-known PAOK. The unreliable PAOK, capable of eating wood from unmarked, unmarked groups. PAOK, now unjustifiably launched as the No 1 power in the league, because Panathinaikos has gone bankrupt. Olympiacos is in the offseason, AEK does not evaporate from the low tones.

PAOK has roster and air to make Basel pieces. Question whether he will play with stress. Race European, with answers to its opponents in the league. Probably a bad time phase to disassemble him. Like a goal full of him to push a treble, to release him. PAOK is, father metal air, not sure to get what it deserves, but also easy to play cutting edge to show his DNA.