the Vangelas

After 154 years of history, England's oldest team is owned by 80%, but who is looking at rates above 51% anyway? - of a Greek. A shipowner who got into English football strong and strong, not for fun, but for playing a role, playing! It has been two years since Vangelis Marinakis acquired and began officially dealing with Nottingham Forest.

We will not discuss whether or not we like the powerful man of Olympiacos. No. It doesn't matter when we talk about Nottingham. Because no matter what his counterparts in Greece, Vangelas has deeply put his hand in his pocket to make a big enough investment in Nottinghamshire's pride.

Even Greeks who cheer Marinakis as Olympiacos boss have not hidden in recent years that the Greek businessman has invested around 100 million (!) In the England team for the purchase, transfers and of course the debts that there were. So the new season must be considered a matter of 'life and death', with the rise in the Premier League, of course, where the financial data is changing and the benefits are really huge. Not counting.

Marinakis did not stop at his entrance to Nottingham Forest. It does an incredible job, like a spat on those who have spoon-fed England to hate. Like a Greek Abramovich, Marinakis is preparing a new 128 million stadium, the "New City Grand"! The plan is already in full swing.

The head of Forrest's commercial department, David Cook, talks about an investment of close to 130 million euros for world-class facilities that will be inspired by "G. Karaiskakis "(!) And from the newly built stadium of Tottenham which is a real state of the art.

In Nottingham, Marinakis is not the opaque money-maker who does everything he wants. It is not Greece or England. No. An English company, NF Football Investments Ltd., has been created and is fully transparent since the first acquisition of previously owned Al-Hassawi family shares in Kuwait.

Like it or not, Marinakis has undergone an X-ray to enter English football. Magnetic and axial together. One does not take a group like that, "let alone give meat". No. The completion of the purchase of a team, occurs ONLY and MANDATORY after a thorough control of the Football League in the business plan submitted for the team. The Football League conducted a Test of Owners and Managers and concluded that none of the persons involved can be excluded from the test. So in order to get approval to buy an English team, laundering money and drugs, it is NOT the Nottingham francs. Those who say that are simply destitute of more serious arguments!

Marinakis has only one goal this year from the 8 championship. Which he never hid from the first hour he was presented as the boss of Nottingham! … “Of course the team belongs to the Premier League. It belongs to the elit of the Premier League. The fans of the club have been tired all these years, they have not had such a pleasant time. However, they remained loyal to the team and for us that is very important. The prospect is huge. ” That was what Marinakis had said then and this year the world of Forrest sees this vision come to fruition.

In a message to a Greek press a group of fans had said: “We have turned the football we want. There is progress every day. Under the previous regime, we felt ashamed. We have not heard Mr Marinakis speak many times and the truth is that I like it. We had a hidden hope inside us that we would end up in the first six, but again we think there was progress and improvement. I am also looking forward to the typical transcriptional season to see what moves will be made. This year will be our year ”!

If Nottingham goes up, of course, it will have to meet conditions that are in line with multi-ownership, otherwise its ceiling would be to rise and stay in the premiership. With what this entails in millions of sterling bonuses. But for the step further and for a European return, Nottingham and Olympiacos will have to meet certain conditions regarding their ownership. Will it not be necessary until then? Is there a problem of multi-ownership. We say now ...