Lieutenant Griezmann ...

Since last year this story holds with Griezmann and his Barcelona successfully completed 24 hours ago. It is not now up to the Catalonia team to decide whether to join the French offensive. No.

He had been chatting with Atletico Madrid since last year, but where he missed the stage was the positive attitude of Antoine Griezmann himself to transfer to Blaugrana! Yet! This is true and the French attacker himself has admitted that he was not even disproved by the teams involved.

Do you remember what he said last year, especially Grisman last November? "It is very difficult to refuse Barcelona's proposal ... It showed that they wanted me, they called me, they sent me messages ... Of course, being subconsciously Messi could play a role. But my teammates and my coach, after a match, caught me and showed me how much they care about me. Simeone came to my house to calm me down and tell me he trusts me and that he wants me in the team. " That's what he was saying. And within ten months of what he was shown last year, that he was convinced that Atletico was his home, everything went for a walk.

The day before yesterday, Griezmann changed his trophy. Yes. Wasn't it sensible? “I want to play in front of the fans of my new team, they know that I will give everything in the court and we will all have fun together. Messi is number one. It's that he's ... LeBron James in basketball, Messi is the image of football. It has something different from the others we see every 30 years or more. "

Messi is no longer a captain and the rest are his lieutenants. It doesn't bother Antonis to be under Argentina. Of which, in the finale-finale, Grizmann has a more world title. Or maybe not; In Argentina where everyone works for their party and for their contracts Messi has zero titles and Griezmann in France is a world champion. In Barca who play 10 for the captain, the captain has decorations and the others have the captain's noses. That's about it ... But these are obviously temporary.

What is not common is that when the franks talk, everyone is fed up. Players, managers, presidents and fans. They have a reason as long as the lettuce doesn't speak. Once he put out his tongue and the word arose, the blind man held the piggy bank.

So does Griezmann. Last year with the increase in earnings and with the 10 drachmas a proposal "Captain and not me Lieutenant". This year when Metropolitan hikes were over and 12 went to Camp Nou for the ticket, Antonis became a lieutenant and Leonidas became an icon, and don't tell me that the Frenchman will remind her of Hell columba. Don't tell me it already reminds me ...