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One more step closer to the end of the season and the summer holidays, for the Premier League and Championship with the 34 and 42 racing respectively.

Tottenham welcome Huddersfield. Tottenham are coming off a ... Champions League win against Manchester City, and will make their ... debut in their new Premier League stadium. Huddersfield has also fallen into the math, so it won't be able to ... spoil the party of the home side, who want to win anyway, to stay in fourth place, or even move up to third, in a possible Chelsea defeat by Liverpool.

Fulham welcomes Everton. The home side have also been relegated to mathematics following the defeat by Watford and are essentially playing the last games without a motive. Everton, on the other hand, are in the form of a seventh-place finisher, who will likely be given a European "ticket" with the visitors one point behind Leicester and the Wolves.

Manchester United welcome West Ham. The hosts have essentially locked up a place for Europe, but they also want to get to the Champions League. Westh Ham, having managed to save so easily, is now playing without stress, and the fact that both teams are competing at Old Trafford gives Manchester United a clear lead.

Sheffield United welcome Millwall. Sheffield United want to stay on the… track of rise and impose on Millwall, who too wants the win, but to stay in the category because it is a point above the relegation zone, but I don't think he has the team, to counteract it.

Derby welcomes Bolton. The hosts are chasing the exit to the Play-Offs of the climb and will do their best to achieve this. Instead they have a team that now has only mathematical hopes to save the league, and even though Derby has some ups and downs in its performance, I think it will win.

Leeds host Sheffield Wednesday. Leeds want to stay close to, or even close to, the league's top two, while Sheffield Wednesday are chasing a place in the Play-Offs, but Leeds are a much better team and are struggling at home.

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Tottenham - Huddersfield
Fulham - Everton
Manchester U. - West Ham

Over 2.5


Sheffield U. - Millwall
Derby - Bolton
Leeds - Sheffield W.