Everything leads to Over… (TAMEIO - 6,82)

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Good morning,

We are back in action in the European leagues, which give us the opportunity to make good choices that will lead us to the fund.


Stuttgart continue to worry defensively, accepting too many goals in their matches. On the other hand, Eintracht Frankfurt is very good offensively, but it also has some back problems. Therefore, the choice of Over is very likely to be confirmed, given that guests are counting 6 / 8 Over 2.5, and the home side are counting 4 / 4 Over 2.5 in their last games. Also, the clashes between the two have a lot to do with the pace of the matches, which is evident from the fact that the last 8 / 10 matches have confirmed the Over 2.5.

Finally, Napoli will face Eboli and there is no doubt that it has a huge advantage to win. However, the ace in the prices given is not even worth the deal. On the contrary, it is very well paid by the bisexual, who has a good chance of paying us. Napoli are sure to score, but Eboli has shown that they can score, with solutions in the middle and front.

Very strong match in Turkey with Galatasaray facing Fenerbahce. Winning hosts have the chance to return to the top, but they still face a number of injury problems. On the other hand, Fenner with a new coach we believe will produce signs of reaction. The worst start to her story we believe will wake her up to give her best in derby. However, we can in no way bet on the guests. Although derby we expect it to have a rhythm and therefore a goal, so here too the choice of Over 2.5 seems very likely.

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Stuttgart - Eintracht Frankfurt
Naples - Empoli
Galatasaray - Fenerbahce

O 2.5
G / G
O 2.5