Everything in the ace ...


Hello my friends,

37h and penultimate race of the Scottish Championship.

Livingston is no longer anxious to save the accusation, having nevertheless failed to do so, unlike Dundee, who has never returned to claiming a seat and will be relegated. . In this game there are not many predictions, just go with the team that is better and this is Livingston, which has the advantage of home.

A one-sided motive in the next match between Kilmarnock and Hibbernian, after the hosts after losing their previous match against Rangers, had given up all hope of a European title. Kilmarnock, on the other hand, is "burning" for the victory, to make it one step further from the European "lounges" and with the help of their world I believe they will.

Indifferent scoring game Johnstone-Motherwell, since both teams are quite far from the relegation zone. I will choose the ace because St. Johnstone is playing at home and Motherwell is missing a lot.

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Livingston - Dundee
Kilmarnock - Hibbernian
St. Johnstone - Motherwell