Everybody scores ...


Good morning. Return to National Championships today:

Of the most traditional derby in France, Lyon - St Etienne often ends up in and out of the field. Both teams score and concede goals just as easily, and today the Greens will also be deprived of their main goalie. We will not risk a point but the most likely to be scored on both sides.

Orleans made 6 a series of non-goalscoring victories and then devoured 6 goals in 2 matches by teams equivalent to its current opponent, Brest. Brest, on the other hand, have undefeated 10 games, with the last 8 being goals / goals and the 7 being 2,5 goals. We will choose both teams to score.

Many goals in the match Volendam - Jong Utrecht with the visitors necessarily playing openly if they can collect any points, which has resulted in over 4 goals in their away games and 11 / 14 goals total 2,5. Volentam is more comfortable in scoring but also has 6 consecutive goals / goals. We will go here with the goal / goal.

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Lyon - St.Etienne
Orleans - Brest
Volendam - Jong Utrecht

G / G
G / G
G / G