the whole universe…

Brazil is the favorite in the World Cup starting tonight. That's the way they say it ... it's not. Brazil's first favorite because, she says, it's ... Brazil. The teacher disagrees. The play is devoid of favorites, and underdogs.

I am not the teacher. I just convey the holy spirit of gambling with the apprenticeship I receive directly from the guru. It is funny, at the edge of the graphic, the argument that Brazil has the first say because it… Brazil.

No objection that cariocas have the name, they also have the grace to have gamblers. So what; With what evidence, with what documents do they assume, they fantasize that Brazil is the favorite? (Photo from the 2014 Germany-Brazil semifinal 7 - 1, in Brazil)

Another anecdote, which they also sign with seriousness, with validity. Argentina is also very likely because Messi is 31 years old and will not find another opportunity to lift a mug. And fuck the invention. In Brazil, 2014, the world's top soccer player, did not want the World Cup, and so it was just dirt, he wants it in Russia today.

We're serious. We will not be seduced into fantasies. If Brazil picks it up for the sixth time, that doesn't mean ... it will confirm before the games were No1 favorites.

Girls, in the world it starts with white paper. As I say. Virgin forest. You do not know what the outside is playing inside because no one is allowed to enter. The only virgin forest we have in the Rhodope Mountains, Drama Prefecture. Nature Monument Unbelievable. Trees, animals live, they die, you don't get a beard.

World. Unknown place. No one is able to tell you what will happen BEFORE you. It is on this UNKNOWN reality that the bet rests.

And since there are certainly, favorites, on the plate, there are… surprises in the game. Another fairy tale this. Well, it didn't go as well as the results were expected, so the surprise came.

I'm talking about white paper. And waiting to see the first matches, keep your reservations again. Which Tsipras stump? The kingdom of the spinner lies in football, not politics. You are smashing with both hands a team which in the next game will take your eyes off it.

There is a worldwide conspiracy involving, consciously or not, irrespective of the whole universe, from FIFA and UEFA to sponsors of multinationals, media and journalists, of course, of the world. All of them need prediction philology. These are the favorites, these underdogs. Why;

The biggest betting avant-garde is the predictive industry. The magic and magnetism of gambling is largely driven by the subsidy of the supposedly… technical elements that lead to the correct prediction and the safe deposit of money in betting.