Frontline team ...


Let's go to Monday's choices:

# Hamburg frontline team in time to return to their natural position, within the bounds of acceptance the ashes are easily or hard to be confirmed ... zero psychology Dynamo Dresden counts 4 / 5 defeats with passive 10 goals.

# Good defensive performance in Brest - Ausser with 5 under and 7 NG series respectively The match is expected to move to a low goal rate ... due to motivation it tends slightly towards the home side.

# Goals and spectacle at Wolves - Newcastle both teams will go on the open field and whatever they want to come out ... the Wolves are in form form coming from 3 / 4 wins with 4 series over 2,5 in the Premier League.


Hamburger - Dynamo Dr.
Brest - Auxerre
Wolvs - Newcastle

during 2,5
over 2,5