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Hello my friends,

Betis is tired, not in good shape, and Satien is strongly in doubt. In addition, she has a midweek semi-final rematch for a party at her home party! Valladolid is not a superstar, but they are not from the plate and showed great signs in the match against Barça last season.

PAOK has achieved a major goal this year, the biggest, to get the champion's mug. This title is not lost. Tonight, he has the opportunity to give his world untold joy with the second goal. To win the eternal fellow opponent. Mars is not of the plate, but PAOK stands a level higher this season. He has the game with more than one goal. Combo 1 & O1,5 comes in super performance!

Stubborn as an ataka, but a reality. This is a match in which the ball can hang anywhere. United are one of the most formidable Premier League teams at the moment (albeit from a series of not-so-difficult games) and Liverpool are City's only real threat to the title. Everything shows that we are going to a match with goals on either side.

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Valladolid - Betis
PAOK - Aris
Man Utd - Liverpool

1 & O 1,5
G / G