Nice games at Championship ...


Hello my friends,

The Championship continues, with some very interesting games and we are here to recommend you another trio, so that you can take your ... bun and go for a last dip in the sea ahead of the weekend.

We start with Blackburn-Reading, where the visitors have not started well this year and are still at zero. Blackburn, on the other hand, started well, as it has a win and a draw. Indeed, the win was away to Hull. I think it's time to… break the pomegranate and its headquarters and get the win.

We continue with a very nice game, between Aston Villa and Breadford, at Villa Park. The two teams started strong with two wins and a draw. Villa may have an advantage as they play at home, but I see a closed game where power is dominated, not spectacle, so I don't think we'll see three goals or more.

We close with Stoke-Wigan. The hosts, from what I see, have not yet overcome the shock of relegation, and for that reason, I believe they still have no victory. But I think it's time to change tonight and Stoke get their first win in front of their audience.


Blackburn - Reading
Aston Villa - Breadford
Stoke - Wigan

Under 2.5