Marginally acceptable…


Champions League 3th qualifying round ξη act BD

# Today's match for Rosenborg - a realistically better team - achieved a standard qualifying score in Slovenia (3-1) is a breath of fresh air from the Champions League play-offs, as Maribor must score. .

# In a corner shop, Ajax sells players averta, his presence in the Champions League groups is necessary for obvious reasons; there is no compass in PAOK, he stumbles defensively, he easily conceded 2 goals in Toumba, he "gifted" the qualification to Ajax, after 65 forces could not follow the pace of the Dutch.

# For the first time in the institution, Lincer made the "bang" in Switzerland, won 2-1, plays without risk ignorance, scores uninterruptedly since last April… full attack, Basel has no room for gel, needs at least 2 goals to qualify.

# Extremely satisfactory the first writing samples at Olympiakos makes a substantial game plays with its air away goals, in 3 officially remains undefeated (2 wins 1 draw ter 5-1) maintaining zero in defense… fair underdog Basaksehir has no luck in Karaiskakis.

# Marginally acceptable prices in the Celtic ace made a terrible start in the league (2 / wins 12 goals asset) has a comparative lead of victory… second role in the meeting Cluj hardly steals the match.

# A click on dynamic quality and experience Porto plays for 2 results does not need to load much… limited range Krasnodar makes a roster upgrade is not able to threaten.


Rosenborg - Maribor
Olympiacos - Basaksehir
Celtic - CFR Cluj


1004.97Stoiximan-100 qualifying.

Rosenborg - Maribor
Ajax - PAOK
LASK - Basel

TG 2-3
over 2,5
goal / goal

1004.60Stoiximan-100 qualifying.