Over at Wembley ...


Good morning, dear friends. Here are three quick tips for today:

Wherever Tottenham has come, it has no choice but to beat Inter and again it may not be enough for them to qualify for the next stage, having traveled to Catalonia for the last race. Fully attacked by the British in order to run out of hopes, but Inter are no team yesterday to respond to the challenge. I see the score skipping over the 3 goals.

Eindhoven has basically nothing to hunt for the group but only plays for the price of the shirt. As for Barcelona, ​​and who hasn't scored a goal this year, so what is their defense? If we take into account the absences of the Spaniards, we can easily conclude that both teams will score.

The fact that West Bromwich's attack is throwing fires is known even by the more ignorant champions. However, the last time it held back was zero 11 months ago and 2 months ago. The Swansea Wolves are going for an elevator with victories and defeats alternately and I don't know if they can win but they can certainly score. Here we go with the goal / s.

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Tottenham - Inter
Eindhoven - Barcelona
Swansea - West Bromwich

G / G
G / G