Over 4,5 goes very well (CASH - 8,80)

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>> Manolo has only won since taking over AEK. And he goes to Toumba to maintain that. Easy; On the contrary. But the Spaniard is not yesterday, he knows. Well what does he have to do to stay upright against him PAOK. And that is to find the goal, not sterile defense! And the biceps made the bang with Kagawa men, but the… cart is not dragged even by Kanas Japonas, nor the transfer team of PAOK. The Tzolides and the Vierinies drag it. And they have Answers to give. The ambiguous at 1,95.

>> It did not sit well with her at all Elce to welcome her Barcelona. It is not only that Messi has woken up and is taking his team by the hand. It is not the formation of the Catalans in general. It is also where Elche wants to score a stamped and registered application. With 16 goals in 17 games, you are not going to the city. Especially when the city passes through Barça. The double with No Goal at 2,20.

>> Η Bayern they are like beasts. The more it smells like "blood", the wilder it gets. It started sluggishly and with mistakes, with gels, but one way or another it left behind the "surprises" and the surprises of the season and passed only first. And after two days of overcrowding from Dortmund, Leverkusen and Leipzig, it has a chance to win the Schalke and open the gap from the second to 7 points. Which for Bayern means a hug with the title. Schalke tail in its worst phase for decades. Blood is dripping. And we said, Bayern is fierce… But the goal line is 4,5? It goes very, very much! The 2 & Under 4,5 at 2,05.

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Schalke-Bayern M.

G / G
2 & N / G
2 & U4,5