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Play Day Offer * at Serie A.

# The rematch will be attempted by Fortuna D. Honda at + 9 since the relegation zone inside her stadium is highly competitive ... fallen from the first round Nuremberg is going through the worst season of its history, indicative of 10 X-X Exits this year -0).

# Xamax came up psychologically coming from 2 consecutive three-pointers but its defense is a strain ... given 2η place for Basel has been out of the title traditionally scored on this stadium.

# Zwolle will take the match as the best team to score in the locker room ... against tradition and De Graafsap's prognosis counts 5 series defeats (independent, home).

# Record for the class record 5 continuous victories by Muskron locked her in the class to go but ... difficult to avoid relegation Lockeren has fallen math.

# With no home win in the championship, Frosinone unlikely to stand up in the category… Roma play punctually - chasing 4η place on the table - sub-normal conditions cleans it with the exception of ends.

# At market prices Osasuna's goalkeeper runs 9 home runs wins goal with dropper ... 6 unbeaten match Zaragoza closed out of which 4 finished under 2,5.

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Fortuna D. - Nuernberg
Zwolle - De Graafschap
Mouscron - Lokeren



Xamax - Basel
Frosinone - Rome
Osasuna - Zaragoza

goal / goal