Goes for title…

September may not have said goodbye to us yet, but every skeptic knows that Klopp's team is a big favorite to win the Premier League. She does not play well and yet she wins, she is not hungry, but she will find phases for goals, as she did on Saturday afternoon with Southampton! With the absolute victory in the six turns in the championship, the Reds equalized their best performance that they had in the seasons 1978-79 and in 1990-91. In the first case they won the title, in the second case they finished 2nd, but this year they do not compromise with anything other than the cup. But there is something stronger than the above statistic! Never in its 126-year history has Liverpool started the year with seven wins in all competitions. Did we rush to make her a favorite? Surely we can say a lot more for the year after October 7, when he will have a program with: Chelsea out, Napoli out and Manchester City inside!

Klopp wants his players to improve and develop their… bad and hard game, while he has no tolerance on the issue of lack of commitment to the goal. The German, in addition to the midfield dynamism of his team, also wants defensive toughness in order for the start of the year to continue to be ideal. They also managed this against the "Saints", when the first possible phase of the latter came in delays. None of this would have happened without the Reds' thirst, aggression and tsabouka.

Liverpool knows how to manage the momentum well, it knows how to be tough with the opponent and to fall to its level. Apart from the match against the Parisians, Klopp's team is also doing well in the blocking part, having conceded just one goal at Anfield and a total of two in the league. Liverpool play mature football and this is a big step for the time we are going through. There are no gels in the Premier League, while he defeated the group favorite in the Champions League.

For many, Mo Salah was going through a mini crisis of self-confidence, but even that was corrected with his goal against Southampton. "Crisis; "No crisis," Klopp says meaningfully. "There is no such thing for Mo," he added. Salah, having scored 44 goals last year, has the following issue this year, that missing an opportunity becomes (wrongly) an issue. The Egyptian is doing well defensively and he can definitely find the way for the goals in the next matches. The roster is full, the bench is of terrible quality, something that can be seen from the fact that Fambino of 50 million euros still has no role in the team. How did Mark Hughes say that? "If Liverpool are going to become the team they feel they can then they will win the Premier League title."

It doesn't go to FIFA's The Best

It is final, now, that Cristiano Ronaldo will not travel to London in order to attend the FIFA gala for the award of the top football player of the 2017-2018 season. All the previous days it was written that CR7 will throw "invalid", which happened after all. The bad language wanted the Portuguese annoyed that he would not get the award, as happened on the night of the top of UEFA, and he was presented as the main reason for the glamorous absence.

However, just a few hours before the gala, the Spanish media claim that Cristiano is not going to London, not because he does not want to see Montrich (except for a shocking surprise) receive the award, but because he has match obligations with Juventus. The "Big Lady", starring Ronaldo, beat Frosinone on Sunday, while on Wednesday she will give another match for Serie A (with Bologna), a fact that is forbidden for travel. It is worth noting that Lionel Messi will normally give the " is not even a nominee for the FIFA The Best Award…

Inter Miami

The old friend Zinedine Zidane is said to be ready to be recruited by David Beckham, so that his team, Inter Miami, will be brighter than ever in 2020! The former ace of Manchester and Real "bakes" top football names to spend in two years on the other side of the Atlantic, along with them and Zizou. The French coach, having left Madrid, remains unemployed, but flirts with the Manchester United bench as long as Jose Mourinho continues to gel…

The "Mirror" revealed that Beckham, although he knows how difficult it is to take Zidane to Inter Miami, has already talked to him and will continue to do so to convince him to decide to move. It is worth noting that Beckham already appears to have talked to famous footballers such as Zlatan, Cristiano and Griezmann about the possibility of staffing his team at some point in the future.

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