The transition is playing well…


CL 3rd qualifying round… knockout matches.

Let's go in detail:

# 5 matches undefeated in the UCL Dinamo K. (3-2-0) shows more ready to play last year finished 2nd in the table while recently won the cup… fast offensively Aklmaar will look for the goal runs 4/5 draws in the tournament with a straight score 1-1.

# Good atmosphere in the locker rooms of PAOK took out metal with Besiktas "passed" in the Europa League groups will play without stress and whatever he wanted to happen, by the way midfielders have heavy bodies are slow to turn… a step on quality and experience Benfica has best tools plays excellently the transition is able to make up and down the defensive line of PAOK. "Double" goal accompaniment.

# Barometer's removal of Boloni on the eve of the match negatively affects the performance of Ghent, has never qualified for the Champions League qualifiers… 3/3 wins in this year's official Rapid B. has the momentum can be exceeded.


Dynamo K. - Alkmaar
PAOK - Benfica
Gent - Rapid W.

goal / goal
TG 2-3