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The latest Premier League fixture, with the top picking up ... fire and victory expected by favorites ...

Arsenal are chasing their hopes of moving to the Champions League next season if they do not get the Europa League. Of course scoring eight goals against Burnley is unlikely, but he is a better team and I believe he will be able to get the win against a Burnley who is certainly not a scorer and will play relatively loose after saving the charge.

Anfield's relative climate will be Anfield, as the year is considered a success, even if Manchester City win after the ... epic against Barcelona. So I believe with the fact that Liverpool are motivated, and while Wolves aren't going to be seventh anyway, I think Liverpool will be able to get the win.

The same goes for the Tottenham-Everton game, with Tottenham wanting to end the season happily, with its world-class home, wanting to mathematically lock its entry into the quarterfinals, without depending on conquest of the Champions League, with Everton being scorelessly indifferent.

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Burnley - Arsenal
Liverpool - Wolves
Tottenham - Everton