PAOK from the old…

A PAOK from the old. The very fresh old ones. The famous PAOK with his amateur and irresponsible presence on the court. Even in critical struggles, where he managed to keep his life off track. Out of History.

We saw this PAOK yesterday. In his third consecutive defeat in a European match in Tuba, after Benfica and Chelsea. This time he was defeated by his Hungarian junior Vidi.

It happens. PAOK of 2018, the champion and champions in the league to beat out strong Bate Borisov and lose in the half 2 - 0 from the small cubic former Videotto. Fortunately, 3 - 0 was spared when Vidi's single-handed opponent sent the ball into Paschalak's hands at a unique stage.

PAOK lost a game in which it was absent. And on 90. A defeat that did not come from misfortune, from injustice, because the referee was hostile, upright, because the opponent was un athletic, because the moon was romantic, misleading.

Goal first and why not unique to PAOK is the league. It may sound odd ... it is a luxury in Europe for PAOK to be able to win the game across borders. No, but with performances like last night's.

In a sense, then, being cool with Vidi is a "warning." It is a defeat - a "gift" to the players of PAOK. A lesson in what awaits them, to get the team back to the old ways. In her recent past.