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1934 and 1938 Italy lifted the mug and maintained its world crown for eight years. Since then nothing similar has ever happened again. The Europeans in this battle with the Latinos were the losers, following Brazil's example of 1958 and 1962. However, from 2002 and Ronaldo's image with the odd haircut lifting it to Asian stadiums, everything has changed. What the World Cup is experiencing is a unique phenomenon, a unique omnipotence of Europeans, who will conquer it for the fourth time this year.

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Only the phenomenon that has emerged in modern football does not seem to be common. The problem is not that in this tournament there were four Europeans in the semifinals. The same thing happened with 1934, 1966, 1982 and 2006. But it is a series of reasons that show that that endless battle between the two Atlantic coasts for world primacy has long since ceased to exist. Only now has this difference become more apparent and will grow further.

But what is the cause of this gap? We will analyze the five main causes that made Latin American weak ...

The phrases and racing concepts that have nurtured older generations of Latin have no longer had the same effect on their game. The jogo bonito has for years now been less influenced by Celesteos, with 1994 being the Mundial station and the beginning of the transition to realism in the game. The same goes for Uruguayan garra charrua. This warrior spirit, the sense of fighting spiritually even when the forces have dried up, does not fit the decisive, but softer style of the Helmet presented by 2010 onwards.

These changes have clearly to do with the fact that Latino stars are now moving to Europe at a younger age and have hardly fought in the clubs of their countries. Therefore, they are not breastfed in the corresponding spirit. They have the talent, but the work is done in European clubs, who watch and get them from 15, 16, 17 years at the most. Imagine this happening in the last 20 years, because when Europe had the rule of three foreigners, only the leading Latinos crossed the Atlantic.

A glance at the 90s muddy router is enough to understand the difference. Even 2002 Brazil had Asian 13 players in its league, and now only had three. Almost every kid dreams of Europe. There the game is now played at the highest level and there are the franks. Revenue in the big leagues of the Old Continent has sprung to fabulous heights and the Latinos cannot follow it. The above money brings together better organization, better academies, better teammates. And so the gap with the opposite bank becomes even bigger.

America Latina countries once had better economies in general. As they had not been affected by World War II, they were in a stronger position than in destroyed Europe. Pele e.g. he had no reason to go to a European club. No team would give him more than Santos. So are all Latino gamblers. This was gradually changing, and we arrived at Today, where the best economy in South America, Chile, is 67 in per capita income. That is, very low.

But let's get to maybe the most important thing of all. Europe's great countries have historically been colonial. The influx of immigrants is now on the rise. For example, France in this World is made up of 78,3% of immigrant children or descendants of old colonies born in France, of course. At one time, because of racism mainly, they did not accept color players in the Nationals. Now that's not the case. Also, Pogba, Lukaku, Ozil, were born there, trained in the best academies there, and fully integrated into the country's racing model, in an extreme industrial production of new indulgences.

This means that the countries of Europe gain the following advantage: being able to have a huge talent pool from different countries and not rely solely on traditional recipe. This is not the case in Latin America where the corresponding inputs are negligible in front of the European phenomenon. And to confirm that thought, the Latins, respectively, accepted immigrants at the beginning of the last century and this took off their fighting potential.

So all of the above gives a picture, some explanation of what is happening in the last four Worlds and what they will do next. And Brazil or Argentina may rise again soon, but the future itself is increasingly determined by a European case. And the terrifying thing is that this… localistic superiority is caused by globalization…