baker's tale ...

There is no one on the planet Buk who would play "Macedonia" in the name of the state of Skopje. These things are not happening. It would have been the most unprofitable performance, even if I snubbed the cheap bet, I would have pushed my wrists. All the noodles.

The ultimate grand super super double standard. Tsipras had said "Yes" to be included in the naming anyway "Macedonia" before the buzzer fairy tale started ... trading. At the front of this bunker, in the name of Kotzias, representing the Foreign Minister. Federer up to the nails.

What else do you want to sell your home, gather as much as you can right and left, and bet on the package that Tsipras will agree to? When, in fact, Syriza's titics arrived to condemn the protests against the concession of the name Macedonia, north, up, new, irrelevant. Lantern light that the job was talked about.

We said. You play the bet that "shows". That you "see" it. Where do you have it, my child? I'm not saying, and that's lost. Alas. And the sure concrete throws you out. Tsipras, for example, the competitor of Karanikas Nikos to make her a shooter. While, in other words, he shook hands with the foreigners, who for the good of Greece "pressured" him to find them with Skopjanos, finally the Syriza man kicked the pot.

Do you see Brazil or Argentina in the world? Why not Germany and Spain. Did France. Let it go. "Far", this chaotic bet. It is very easy for each team to eat until the final. Here you do not know for sure what will happen in ONE race and bet in advance on the course of the Seven Races. With such a bet you get into chaos. In the black holes. Waiting for your number to come out of the draw. No, you don't play it.

The same goes for who will be the top scorer. Twelve euros, he says, gives Gryzman. This is not called gambling. This is a fundraiser in favor of Bouk's jersey.

The Frenchman is playing. A stupid thing. But come on, the ball does not depend on itself, on its ability to be the top scorer in Russia. It is likely that a junior, his opponent, or a stalwart teammate may eat the title.

Question. He will play all the games, up to the final Griezmann or Ronaldo and Neymar. If, of course, his team reaches the final. Don't say too much. Goal is not a personal affair, the success of teammates but also of ... opponents.

A favorite for the little mouse, but it is rather unlikely that he will be caught in the lens, is the bet "Which two teams will play in the final". We are talking about situations from a novel by Ian Fleming and John Le Carré. The gambler looks like the sheep that ran to take part in the slaughter of the stock market. I prefer the predictions written mantinades on the diaries.