Baker's Tale ...

Greek football alone does not honor the meeting of representatives of Olympiacos, Panathinaikos, AEK, and PAOK with UEFA people and the EPO's "oversight committee".

The "Big 4" PAE was made in Greece and in the most formal way the local soccer kites have shown the reality for a century. Ever since the ball was played in our country. That they are unworthy of self-government. And, above all, that the so-called "big" are unable to impose normal championship conditions without causing harm to society.

This means that Greece of great political change fairy tale, Greece of democracy and democracy, football remains at 1821. As then! The foreign forces of England, France and Russia, of course for their own reasons, have liberated us. The foreigners agreed to bring us a king. They lent us. They kept us a protectorate.

Yesterday's "4" shame meeting with UEFA is a shame. Indeed, the names have not arrived, we do not say, what matters is that they have ... demands from the European federation. Not by the government, not by the EPO. Do this and the other in the league. And for UEFA to decide, not the Greek federation.

We have great teams in Greek football. Teams. Only? And great presidents. Historic Presidents. Presidents. Only? And we have gamblers. What we don't have is ... football. We don't produce football. We don't cultivate football. We are not a country of production. We are an importing country.

The majority of the players in the league are foreigners. And most of them are beta and gamma sorting. Pets. And yet our teammates are teammates. And the players are gamblers. And presidents, presidents.

To tell the truth. The great truth. THERE was no help from any of the big businessmen and big players involved with football. Never! Neither his team nor football. THERE was nothing left behind except for the francs he spent to ensure publicity and social tolerance. This is the truth.

The teams, big and small, remain what they were. Socially unprecedented, national level B in Europe. And in order to keep their eyes on each other, they need UEFA's "surveillance". They demonstrated this yesterday at their meeting with the UEFA Supervisory Committee.