Are you going against or not?

Asian bet

>> PAS and OFI have long had chaos to separate them. From the barren memory of Rhodes. And today PAS is in good condition and welcomes an OFI with many and serious problems. However, PAS is also tired of going to the cup, while the draw suits both of them in the battle of stay.

>> Olympiakos plays with Aris while it is a completely indifferent and confident champion. And while he has the match of the year in Eindhoven to play. Say the excellent relations of the administrations of the two teams. I will not necessarily go with the current that says for double and for non-defeat necessarily. Even if the match is spoiled, why escape the score?

>> Eindhoven is good offensively and plays with Fitesse. Defensively though? Tragic gaps that were exploited by all her opponents in the end. It goes for two with a high result in the match and it makes sense.


PAS Giannina-OFI

G / G & O2,5
2 A / H (+1)