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14 years of wilderness racing have passed, but Liverpool are back on top of Europe, dominating Tottenham's 2-0 in the Champions League final in Madrid. It was the sixth European championship of its history in a final that does not claim quality laurels. He might have been guilty of being "English" and "spoiling" with Liverpool's quick goal in the first leg of the Salah penalty shootout, which is still being debated, it wasn't VAR and XVAR and let's just say.

It was the seal of history that was written all this year. Because Liverpool, in contrast to the great Tottenham of Mauricio Pochettino, did not suddenly appear in the public football sphere. Its success in the final in Madrid is the culmination of a long journey. Since 2005 he had to celebrate a European trophy. She was last year's Champions League finalist who was crushed by the great Real and betrayed by a goalkeeper with whom everyone who laughed laughed. Which became a joke last year on the lips of football fans! And so, in the summer, Liverpool offered a contract of 62 million euros to Allison to play games like the one on Saturday in Madrid, to put his hands up to raise the cup!

Liverpool also made sure to have depth on their bench this year. Origi who came in change was the one who sealed the victory. No; And the management continued to trust Jürgen Klopp, even though he did not win the English championship again (he is now 30 years away from Liverpool).

Sixth is perhaps the sweetest of the Liverpool Eurobonds, as it testifies that the team has not only returned to where it has always been, but also that the coach's experiment is a successful 100%. Inverted decades of data. The Mourinho-type dictator-coach no longer exists, he has replaced his figure-coach. He got small players, with few exceptions, chose to buy from the bottom rack and the coaching model was to try to give his players the confidence in their victory and talent. He developed players, he didn't buy alone.

His babies celebrate with the Champions League trophy To be fair, so did Tottenham's Pokémon, but it wasn't his night. A match has a winner, but also a loser. And this time Argentina did not smile. If you want a bet, it will smile anyway. And soon. The litigation issue is when will you lift the mug with the big ears!

Maybe Argentina just didn't have enough players to shuffle the game. Perhaps for this Tottenham Hotspur, which a few years ago was a gold medal in England and is the first outside of the rich club to reach the final in the last decade, is about to start another championship run. Maybe here is the end of this group's cycle. Failed season, however it was NOT…