Impression game ...

It is not even necessary for the refereeing team to approach the referee in order not to be wronged. To get the whistle he needs, mainly to get to the mug, with the help of arbitration. The referee, and without paying, will favor the team that is capable of damaging him. To punish him, to exclude him. To brake his career.

The referee knows more than any other team which has the upper hand today in the EPO. In arbitration, that is. The referee made a whole lot of compromises to get to the whistle on the big championship. So why play a team match that has the edges to ruin it?

Football is that. One phase is read by everyone as they like it. As it suits him. It is easy, then, for the PAU that crosses decisions (arbitrator appointments, arbitrator penalties) to influence the future of a referee in one way or another.

The whole game is made in the war of impressions. The fact that the referee is scandalously favored and the referee refuses to accept the adverse consequences from the referee, there is a "message" on the pitch. This group is protected. Therefore, the referee who opposes or is considered to be the referee for that team loses his whistle.

Olympiacos propaganda that PAOK is favored, PAOK propaganda against Olympiakos. Yes, because PAOK arrived to send UEFA phased videos to prove that they have it. Impression game.

PAOK's video to the European Confederation does not include the stages that the referees favored the FC of Thessaloniki. Like the non-existent penalty shootout in the Premier League with Astera Toumba, which gave 1-0 the victory over PAOK (photo).