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Very big Premier League games in England and Premiership in Scotland, where Chelsea's games with Manchester United stand out, Jose Mourinho's return to Stamford Bridge and Scotland's derby between Celtic and Hibbernian.

The big derby in England and what "steals the show" on the island is Chelsea-Manchester United, the "Blues" are in excellent condition and seem capable of claiming the title, but on the contrary the "red Devils" are not at their best. , due to the climate in the locker rooms. The fact that Chelsea play at home is the absolute favorite to win.

Manchester City is the absolute favorite against Burnley, which is not exciting at all. The "citizens" are class better team and I believe that they will get the victory and even from the half time.

London derby between West Ham and Tottenham. I dare say that the guests will not "press" it like Chelsea, with the hosts not being something special, which means that if Tottenham is on its good day it will "kill" it.

Nobody was expecting it and yet the Celtic-Hibbernian is a derby ... top and even the guests are above the hosts. But slowly this fairy tale might have to end. It's a better team than Celtic and the champion and with its ally the world will be able to win and restore order.

The champion Hearts was defeated in the previous match, but it can also be considered a defeat in the program, as it was also away from home. Against her, Aberdeen, which is a team that will "fight" for a place in the play-offs, on the verge of play-outs. The hosts have a clear lead and I believe that they will manage to get the victory and in fact comfortably.

In the game between Livingston and Dundee there is a clear favorite and this is the hosts who are the surprise team of the league, as it is new and remains high in the standings with only one defeat. In fact, she is also competing at home, which means that her job is even easier, against the "tail" of the Dundee score.

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Chelsea - Man. United
Man. City - Burnley
West Ham - Tottenham



Celtic - Hibbernian
Hearts - Aberdeen
Livingstron - Dundee