children of Greece…

What happened, guys, to the empty OAKA and a mad feast falls on the part of the national team. It has become something incredible and unlikely, and therefore the excitement and praise of the children of Greece is justified. We won 2-1 a Bosnia that was getting closer to the locker rooms as time went on. This unprecedented event happened, the victory of the national. He remembered that there was a victory in football, since he was first ruled out because he could not even win in Liechtenstein.

Indeed, the team, in addition to the deserved victory, performed well yesterday. Don't forget the past, though. That national high had reached the euro had conquered the 2004 euro, and then went down the orbit. Now, to get a good question what phase are we in? We try to get out of the bottom because there is no more going down.

And after we got to the bottom, as we couldn't get any lower, the business was supposed to lift its head. Where to go? And after we grow up a little bit, let's get back to the same thing.

There is, in essence, no competent monitoring body for the national team. Neither responsible, in essence. Yes, because the rut, the stop downhill in recent years was done with… dice. Whether the next coach will catch on. And today the work depends on the και experiments and tricks of the Dutch coach. Everything is played with his own decisions. Well done if the team continues to get away from the national swamp, damn if we stay the same.

By the awy… the stadium was empty in the national team game against Bosnia. The sadness. The team should play and there should be no soul in the stands. The less than a thousand spectators are as if they did not exist in a stadium that can hold 70 so many thousands. And they tell us that he tore the match to shreds. He caught very good numbers, ate serials and reality shows. You do not know what to say, ladies and gentlemen of the media.

It is in the interest of channel competition whether the national match exceeded the Next Top Model or the Wild Bees. Not the national team, which is the last in Europe to be accepted by the world. And that was solemn with his absence on the court.

The goal is not to win the national team, but the spectacle of the national team. Understandable?