Falling bodies… (TAMEIO - 4,00)


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# In the same games the teams have a relative deviation the set of odds… on a good moon Tunisia and Angola come from positive appearances score as much as possible, goals in the foreground.

# Mali youth team is under surveillance by FIFA last minute got approved to participate in the competition, runs 6 matches undefeated in the qualifying phase plays with the surrender of the υπερ right underdog in the Copa Africa Mauritania gives the present for the first time in the final phase Africa Cup of Nations.

# Both will play for the first place in the group with all that entails, at 6 points Chile is comfortable with a 2b draw. back Uruguay only want victory… fine balances most likely all of Xi with no goals.

# For the rubble defenders Ecuador and Japan in the first 2 games of the tournament have conceded a total of 12 goals… as the winner in the next phase plays with Brazil is expected to fall bodies.

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Mali - Mauritania
Chile - Uruguay


1006.04Stoiximan100 th

Tunisia - Angola
Ecuador - Japan

goal / goal
during 2,5