Play Opportunity… (TAMEIO - 4,00)


Two ( 2 ) payouts wrote the Quran on combs with 6/7 points in the tables and overall performance ( 31,52 ) Ίνεται stay tuned the party started.

# Dijon's poor performance in the first 6 games of the season has taken just 1 point; Marseille's "double" is a game opportunity that combines quality and experience, runs 5 games unbeaten, plays with the tradition in its favor, has 4/4 victories at this stadium.

# Competitive team Brescia counts 2 victories this year with the double score (1-0) will fight to stay upright in the category; Brad Nem the "Big Lady" has all the background for the three-pointer, it remains to prove it in practice.

# The worst start of the last 25 years in the Spanish league is made by Barcelona (4 matches 7 points) with all that entails; Villarreal's offensive line is undoubtedly favored by the momentum, it made 2 victories with Valladolid and 5-0 Leganes (four). with winning psychology.

# Right fAboriginal America is at -4 from the privileged quartet, it comes from a demarcation of positive results (7-4-0); it is not able to threaten Brazil, it is running 10 defeats in the sport, 7 from half time.

# 14 matches without a win, Figueirense just shakes a handkerchief; the reason is clearly the pioneer Bragantino who brings energy and pluralism in scoring.


Dijon - Marseille
America MG - Brasil
Figueirense - Bragantino


1005.95Netbet-100 qualifying.

Brescia - Juventus
Barcelona - Villarreal

TG 2-3
TG 2-3