Ghost player ...

A child born to 1996 will now be 23 years old. WILL he become a football fan and will be wondering why they say that the fairest game is basketball and how football can even infiltrate at the highest level? Not always, but under certain conditions everything can happen! And if you want, look at the biggest modern ball scam in a nutshell! That's what happened then, 1996, when today's 23 time reader was born!

1996 great Graham Sounes was coach of Southampton when he rang his phone. The voice on the other end of his phone line was introduced as the only African-American player to win the Golden Ball (!), George Woo! Liberian made his $ 1 million bid to Sunnis: I have a cousin, Ali Dias, 13 times international with the Senegalese national, striker with goal and good vertical, has played in Paris Saint-Germain (then, not current master) and looking for a team, I'd like a manager like you, what do you say? "

Sounes certainly saw the opportunity. He probably saw the cheese, he didn't see the lens. And not only did he accept to try it, but a week later 31-old Senegalese went to the Saints' office and signed a one-month contract to test under normal conditions! In the first, and only, training that was simply not there. Strange also canceled out a friendly against the Arsenal substitute team due to bad weather and swamped playground, so Sounes rolled the dice: Despite the obvious blunder, he took the risk and included him in the mission for the race with Li the Premier League championship!

So on the bench Ali Dias, but as Kostas Voutsas would say "Battle", the point is to trumpet, but trumpet ... So, at 32 'became what we say became a straightforward flush! Matt Le Tissier felt upset, demanded a change, and Sounes made the gulf groovy! Instead of putting someone who knew him, who had no idea what to expect from him, to the surprise of Le Tissier, Ali Di came in with the 33 number on his back!

The Senegalese had just made his dream come true, writing his first ever Premier League debut! The dream had come true for some Southampton fans who saw something that only laughter could cause! Dias 'football quality and his racing image brought the club to a standstill and Sounes was forced to make a change again, the biggest scam in English history top flight had ended at 53'.

The crying continued even years later when Le Tissier, a living legend in Southampton, commented: “It was a comic, it had taken my place on the court, but it really didn't belong there. He was just wandering around, not realizing where he was playing, he was running like… Babi the fawn on ice ”!

But who was Ali Dia really, and why do we say more about "the biggest scam in the history of Premier League"? Ali Dias had nothing to do with professional football, nor had he ever been out of Paris. or the national Senegalese. There was a student at Portsmouth who, as a hobby, played his ballet at Blight Sartans (Conferens North) and, on a ... cheetah, put a bet with a classmate if they could fool the glamorous world of Premiership Suns. And my colleague, yes, you got it right, it was Georges Woo! and the bet was won!

Ali Dia's career as a regular football player ended on the following day, when he visited the team's physiotherapist complaining of nausea, got sick and disappeared from the face of the Premier League. A week later Southampton canceled his contract.

Student Ali Dias, however, got his degree a few years later and continued to play ball in amateur classes before taking up football at 32!

What do you say, in basketball, such a scam went through? Not a Euroleague coach, but at least one of A2 Greece. Did she pass? Obviously not ... Cheaters, agents or players pass the ball ...