PORTO, PORTUGAL - JULY 1: Referee Pierluigi Collina of Italy (C) lines up during the UEFA Euro 2004, Semi Final match between Greece and the Czech Republic at the Dragao Stadium on July 1, 2004 in Porto, Portugal. (Photo by Alex Livesey / Getty Images)

Five referees and a camera ...

What a draw in the cup and what a slaughter in the league. Those who want to watch football are waiting for how and when to start the champions league. After all, the day is coming for the football flesh trade. Which is now mutated, since only the very strong minotaurs will participate. How much dope to get to the finale? Some, we don't say names, make bamboos from afar, they can't even hide. Again good not to vomit before committing a foul.

The noble and the elegant of course - totally unrelated to the new sport - talk about a lot of games and that the bodies have collapsed. Shit on the father. Take a look at the injuries, other real and other thefts, you draw a lot of conclusions. It's like going to a company at a tavern serving spoiled food. The whole company will suffer the same and have exactly the same symptoms. In football, this is called cruciate or muscular injury. The rest are as they were before the Australian Olympics, where the other one had tendonitis. While he had a damaged liver.

And of course those players who have strong contracts, next to snub their national team. To ignore Bayern - I say it by accident - where his career bet is played, why? With the dopa he knows why and when he will be disgraced. There is no reason to "treat" e.g. and in the summer, for the World Cup and the Euros. Doctors say it will cleanse your body. Curly hair. The damage is cumulative and irreversible.

But will we deal with them now? Should we deal with someone who asks for ONLY Him to be duped? Normally in our old shoes. We will be commanding either with money in a good bet - just like with the spotless horses on the racecourse - or with our hawk in front of the television. Let's get a little out of the overdevelopment done by the alien and the other curious. Sambo and if we don't watch the games, could we do something else?

So we're going to be purely football, and I really like Latin American footballers. They bring me something from my childhood and old football that we played. As kicking as he was falling, he was as individual as he was disorganized.

Predictably, it's early. How would I know; Then there are the great players of the Brazilian Garcinza, Zirzino, the German Beckenbauer, the Dutch Cruyff, and even the Peruvian Kumbia. If the scores are close, the MVP can also be a referee. You see you have entered our lives after independent justice and burdens. Today, five referees and a goal-line camera are needed to decide the crows upside down. You will say evolution, a word identified with progress. Without the medieval still having learned anything.

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