PAOK Walk ...

There is no excuse for Olympiacos' poor performance in Tuba as he received a goal from the locker room. In such a game the supposedly demanding team, which believes in its potential, is not panicked by an unfortunate moment. An unexpected phase.

Olympiacos was' dead ', incapable of a result and certainly not ... it is PAOK's 1-0 to blame on 3'. So as Olympiakos' eleven lined up, it was probably PAOK's next to dissolve him. With another chat, the coach of Olympic Martins played as he pleased the opponent.

Amazing! Martins started with two staffers in the center's trio, Fortune and Nacht. And defensively Gyuyerme. PAOK went for a walk with two defensive midfielders, Sandohov and Mauritzio. PAOK's strategic player in the center of Biswasar has also excelled in defense! He made a cart of steals!

Then there is the other critical disadvantage of Olympiacos. For the two extreme strikers, Christodoulopoulos and Pontece, there were no… their personal opponents, the sidekick Buck Matos and the Weirinians. Either Martins did not give the proper instructions or he was written by two Olympiacos extremists.

In the second half Natcho was replaced with a defensive tackle, Kamaras and Olympiacos balanced it. That is, he played as he should have started the game. PAOK easily got (!) Playing with 3-1 and why Olympiacos was far below the requirements of the match, and why he played ... defensively! There is no better defense than holding the ball to a team like PAOK yesterday. Who did not confine himself to sloppy possession, but whenever he arrived at the Olympics he had numerical superiority!