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5 defeats in 6 European games with 12 passive goals clearly illustrate the magnitude of the problem in PAOK… silent movie yesterday's baton from “BATE DOGS GROUND” does not raise excuses for Tsapatsuleskas. On the contrary, Olympiacos stood at the height of the circumstances and passed the 32 phase, giving the UEFA special points.

Let's go to today:

# On the eve of the relegation, Duisburg has only played 7 at home in 1 home games (1-0-6 ts 4-13) ... Hamburg goes to class in class X time in race X 5 home win series.

# Fairly sharing the set performance of the match will depend solely on the performance of the hosts ... superior to all Brest championships scoring minimum 2 goals per match.

# Majorca's away win has brought Malaga to -2 from the top with what it means ... just as competitive as Cadiz runs 8 unbeaten match (7-1-0) climbs to 6η position of the ranking.

# A leader in the table, Foggia completed 7 racing without a win while losing to Livorno before counting 5 draws in a row ... tight behind Cremonaise has the best 10 pass defense in the class.

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Duisburg - Hamburgers
Brest - AS Beziers
Malaga - Cadiz

TG 2-3


Foggia - Cremonese