Case ...

The lawyer Alexis Kougias is a great case. I fell. This has never happened before. Greek and foreign. If you go around the world, you will not find such a case today or yesterday. We said. I fell. A man who is successful and balanced, bathroom and papery, with a package much larger than you can imagine, does not sit "quietly". To be in inexhaustible and feverish action every day outside the space of his professional occupation.

As I say. Alexis Kougias is in a constant war. He is not sitting "well". He doesn't bother her with his money and his beauty, he doesn't get the extravagance of his work, his law firm with a group of collaborators, nor does he find her with his boat. Nothing beats his legal success, it doesn't fill him as much as his "alcohol" with a team. A football team.

They did not want him in Ioannina and left PAS. He took Panachaic and they didn't want him even in Patras. Larissa got a line and somebody, some get a red card. As if they were dealing with a person who would ... scare him, put him on his feet. This is exactly what Cougar likes. The born contractor. The case. The case. Cougar the awesome

A long list of teams headed by Alexis Kougias. Vouliagmeni, Petersburg, Pagorinthian etc. His career as a football player started with 1983 from Aigaleo, he was a helper to the Metropolitan team. He did so in Heracles, Thessaloniki, when he was eaten by the old coach, Alephantos. Michalis Trochanas appointed him chairman of the AEK. Why his passion with former footballer Alexis Kougias?

No need for money, no publicity. He is not a trader, and as a businessman Cougar has the football of the UAE. Then what; He loves the ball. This is his "shopping". I am, he tells you, a football man without a homeland. Today I buy this team, tomorrow I sell it and go for another one. Then there is the other. How Alexis Kougias will poke fun at him, in the name of cleansing, of course, and in the war of the criminal organization, if he does not wear the shirt of a PAE. Don't pass it on for graphic.

Something else. Alexis Kougias was born today 4 November, 1951 and is by far the No1 player in the channels. He has no opponent. There is no other man, woman, politician, artist, lawyer with more miles in the race of television shows.

Once upon a time in the television stadium was the blessed Vangelis Giannopoulos, Minister of all PASOK governments. Theodoros Pangalos has hundreds of hours of in-flight flight time, led by Liana Kanellis, who is armored when she enters the studio. At the table is cigarettes, an 45ar with its bullets, some weird metallic and sharp ninjas, awful hypnotics, and a weird pen that slips away fluid capable of causing severe burns.

What I mean. You make a fool of yourself when you go out on the field to play a ball against an opponent. With Cougar, with Cannell. You are not going to challenge him, you are not going to make spells because you will eat more wood, more goals. The girl, I say about Liana, dies in front of the camera. In a hysterical degree he does not put tongue in. The provocative. The aggressive. Stubbornly. With durability. It does not move from the center of the court. We got away, though. Does it matter?