SOCHI, RUSSIA - JUNE 23: Ola Toivonen of Sweden is tackled by Antonio Ruediger of Germany during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Group F match between Germany and Sweden at Fisht Stadium on June 23, 2018 in Sochi, Russia. (Photo by Maddie Meyer / Getty Images)

Sweden passes… (FUND - 4,09)


Today's Sweden-Switzerland clash seems by far the most ambivalent (perhaps along with France-Argentina) in the 16 phase.

The Swedes proved to be a very tough nut at all stages of the 2018 Mundial, having excluded the Dutch in the group and Italy in the barracks, and a few days ago lost to Germany and then crashed 3-0 in Mexico. It is a serious team with a tight defense but measured offensive outbursts without Ibrahimovic and I think they are more likely than the Swiss to be upside down. The Swiss have been lucky enough to this day, but without the punished Liechtenstein and Schar, they will have serious problems in defense. I bet on the qualification of Sweden in every way.

In the evening's match, much will depend on whether or not Hamlet Rodriguez is involved, as things are theoretically easier for England without him, though both Falcao and Quadrado are in great shape. The truth is that the English have not yet faced a serious opponent (I think the match with Belgium was a joke with so many changes on both sides) while the Colombians lost to the very strong Japan playing 10 early and in the decisive group game. Poland. In any case, the British are an unpredictable whole, and I risk no prediction beyond the very unlikely.


Sweden - Switzerland
Colombia - England

Sweden to qualify
G / G