Fallen from Round One ... (2 TAMEIA - 4,00 & 4,20)


Let's go to Sunday's choices:

# Not lacking in quality and momentum, Feyenoord at home appears strong (7-0-0 pcs 17-4) playing with the tradition of over ... Eindhoven's double opened at favorite prices but difficult to confirm. Purely aggressive teams score from the locker room, time-consuming goals.

# The recent defeat by Venice does not change the balance and data from Brescia, unbeaten in 9 previous counts of 4 series wins, has the upper hand in the clash ... in free fall the Livorno Sky in 12 matches has managed to win X alone.

# Osasuna's marginally acceptable in her opponent's measures, running 8 months unbeaten within (7-4-0) chasing 6 at the table ... non-aggressively Lugo at 3 outputs writing zero assets.

# Fallen from the first round Chievo (0-4-9) has not yet won the championship comes from 2 series draws ... in the Champions League zone Lazio has a comparative winning streak to prove it in practice.

# Mars' fractious position in the standings (3 / 4 wins in all competitions) has quality all over the line has clearly lost points due to misfortune ... undefeated 11 / 12 Panathinaikos takes young herb health to best attack 20 active goals.

# At market prices, Sports Recife's win moves marginally in the zone playing with the motive of staying wanting a combination of results ... indifferent in the ratings Santos has been absent counting 3 consecutive defeats outside.

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Brescia - Livorno
Osasuna - Lugo
Sport Recife - Santos



Feyenoord - Eindhoven
Chievo - Lazio
Aris - Panathinaikos

goal / goal
TG 2-3
during 2,5