Stone of Trigger ...

Belgian football is "shaken" by a major scandal centered on a circuit that "set up" first-class matches for betting purposes, but also participated in financial fraud in case of transfers.

Coordinated police action (total of 219 police officers!) In seven countries (Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Montenegro, Serbia, FYROM) resulted in 57 people being taken to the investigator this morning.

The categories attributed converge to "setting up" matches of the first category for last season (2017-18), illegal money transfers, concealment of supplies in player transfers, earnings of players and coaches.

One of the top agents of Belgian football and manager of the Belgian former Olympiacos players, Silvio Proto and Guillaume Gillett, appears as the "stone of scandal" based on the research that began in 2017.

Mozy Bayat is considered one of the strongest representatives of football players in Belgium. Born in Iran, 44one, but moved to the US at a young age because of a health problem. Later his family settled in France, and his professional life was later shared in Belgium.

Dejan Velikovic, who is also on the list, was involved in the transfer of Gojko Tsimirot and Marko Mihojevic to PAOK.

Ivan Leco is one of the people who led the investigation. The 40-time Croatian coach sits on the bench in Bruges, while the 2015-16 season sided with his compatriot, Igor Tudor, in the technical leadership of PAOK.

Among them is former Undertakht technical director Herman von Holsbeck (best known for his interest in Ognien Brannies from the Brussels team).

In addition to the individual entries, the "office and wing" became the offices of nine teams in the first category. Some of the best stand out, such as Anderlecht, Standard, Bruges, KRC Genk and Ghent.