Playing on the rise ...


Confused, the new League of Nations is divided into groups and categories ... now we will discreetly come back at the right time.

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Let's go to normal flow:

# Better on the offensive side, Londrina (3 wins 7-2 series) has a tradition and momentum headquarters ... undefeated at 3 outings Brazil is scoring unhindered.

# One click from the first 4 team table Figeirense runs 4 unbeaten match (2-2-0) playing on a rise ... Complexes off the field Masaio comes from 3 defeats with 8 goals.

# Sao Paulo's steady hunt for the title is well underway at Morobe (13-8-0) counts 6 continuously under all competitions ... equally tight Baia offseason (11 off). from the zone.


London - Brasil de Pelotas
Figueirense - Alagoano
Sao Paulo - Bahia

TG 2-3
during 2,5