He plays his own ball ...

The state has the upper hand in football. And when we say football we mean nothing but the league. Which is a PRIVATE case. A trade-guild activity involving public limited companies. Let's get the gingerbread out of sight. But the state, and not just because of football, has a duty to put the rules into action, as big shareholders are ... suspicious. That is?

Novibet: 100% next to the player

Entrepreneurs are clearly entering football for other purposes. To ensure publicity, mainly "social" acceptance by the public with a fan, with a sick relationship with their team. It is really "suspicious" the industrialist, the shipowner, the canal master who whoever buys a PAE and considers it a shame, a personal insult to pursue a business financial benefit. Then why his involvement in a football company? To serve the people of the team. Because he also loves the team, like the anonymous on the podium.

The power in football, that is to say in the championship and any action of the UAE, is exercised by the international bodies, FIFA and UEFA through the EPO. But the state, if it is a state and not a cafe like in Greece, plays its own ball in such a way that the wicked are kept away from the world of stadiums. And the hooligans coughing and hitting the ground.

The country is being dragged out of the violence on the stadiums. And the state is being harmed by the PUs, the mismanagement of the FCUs, and by a league built or spoiled by the FCUs themselves. The state, that is, the government has watermelon, so does the knife. Justice and the police, and the ability to make a real cut, interfere with the laws governing the organization and organization of the championship. Which, let's emphasize again, is business, not… ideological clash of teams, not even a personal rivalry of big shareholders.

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