We play with goals ...


Hello my friends,

Medieval action for the Premier League, with beautiful games and in this trio we will play with goals and not points.

Bournemouth's better team than Huddersfield, but its run in the last few games is tragic, with the home side coming from four consecutive defeats. On the other hand, Huddersfield is very low at ten points and is trying to recover. The game is a derby game and I believe it will be between two or three goals.

Nice game this Brighton with Crystal Palace. A game that is expected to be a derby, as they have very little scoring difference. So this game also I think will have goals, but it will not be particularly difficult and I think it will be two to three goals.

Watford-Manchester City will be a multi-goal game, and both teams are extremely aggressive, just the whole thing is to score Manchster City fast. If it does, I'm sure the game will go away.

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Bournemouth - Huddersfield
Brighton - Crystal Palace
Watford - Manchester City

2-3 Goals
2-3 Goals
Over 2.5