Which Burnley ...

Strange. Why do white wine, which is not white but yellow, call white? And why do they call red wine "red"? Talk about clarets, such as the nickname of Olympiacos opponent in the Europa league play-offs.

So, since one of the two colors of this Burnley group is the crimson, the other the blue, they were nicknamed "red wines". The clarets.

In essence. There is no Burnley for the regular Olympian. If we talk seriously and we are not being fooled, because Olympiacos is a Greek team, of the Greek championship. Burnley is English and the most competitive league in the world.

Burnley came first in the premiere, behind the six teams of heavy cubic yards. So, the seventh team in respectable England has nothing to do with jokes Lucerne. Who made such a comparison? My opinion is that I don't know any Burnley. Like I never took any Leicester seriously, because it did surprise eternity.

In the years of Nikos Goulandris Olympiacos played in Karaiskakis a series of preparatory games with English teams, then the First A national team. Well. The English team, with the exception of the Liverpool, Manchester, and last Chelsea, City beasts, does not scare Europe. Outside of the English championship they bring another 'weird' face. They look like fish out of water.

Of course, Burnley is already a structured team. And Olympiacos is still looking. To this day Marinakis makes transfers without asking the coach. All gamblers. Everyone who comes, those who leave. Give the headlines something.

We said. For the regular, rational Olympian, the one who has come to a solid shape, it is easy business to exclude the unassuming on Burnley's European paths. That's what I'm talking about.

That the pinned Olympiacos, if he misses the first match, is also capable of "2" in England with this Burnley, whose soul was turned upside down, to score one, only one goal, in the extension (!) In order to exclude a silver team from Istanbul side.

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