What a resolution ...

It's dirty, they say, in Greece. It is not played equal, they say. The championship, of course. What else? Clean, crystal clear are everything else. What is dirty, circulating corruption and intrigue is the league. Until today. Error! Football is not dirty. The truth is that people who are confused about football are soiled. So it's not football that makes them immoral, cunning. Before they even got into trouble with their team, one by one, they had the skills to compete on the sidelines. Easy! Because they themselves like to be eaten by foxes. And why they find caterpillars ready and trained to support them on the plate….

The championship was drawn. In the old days it was, in essence, the beginning of the project. On the basis of the draw, the order of the games, was the backdrop of the action behind the scenes. Taking into consideration the opponent's game program, the opponents.

The championship is not only played horizontally. What does it do, what fish does our team catch only from game to game. The goal is to bring it to the opponent in this or that game, which we have "marked".

The championship is played perpendicular, so. After ten races e.g. or by the end of the first round, our team has skipped at least so many points.

When television was now regulated, and not just for that matter, the foxes stopped signing contracts with their opponent's opponents, footballers. Which player has the guts to do the trick, at the expense of his team, with the cameras behind his back? So arbitration with… human mistakes has become the sole factor to otherwise regulate an outcome. And when we say arbitration, we mean the referees and the referees at bay.

And arbitration means EPO! Yes, because it is being slaughtered, since the time of Vardinoyannis. Which magician will be the president of the PAE? And the upper hand in the league has the PAE whose boss controls the football federation.

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