A heavier name ...

France and Croatia compete for the World Cup trophy with the 'tricolors' wanting to repeat the triumph of 20 years after the Croatians for the first time in their history.

Great success for France, and much more for Croatia, the absolute underdog, to reach the final of the world. However, either of them will go bitter ... Because he will lose the mug. It is certain that the losing team will celebrate today. Bad lies. The success of replacing another team that has been in the favorites of Brazil, Germany or even Argentina does not suffocate the disappointment of losing the cup.

The two rivals will play for the title of 2018, not to… continue against 20 years ago. These jokes are for some to write about in the series. Croatia lost in the 1998 World Cup semifinal by then world champion France, so today it will seek to take revenge. We said. Jokes. The goal is the mug, not the ... rematch for Croatia and ... the preservation of tradition for France.

France is a favorite. Firstly, because it is a heavier name than Croatia. It's not the big team, it's the good team. Disciplined though not lacking in vendetta. And racing, obviously, develops by design and has the ability to control the game.

Ebabe is the brand of France. A player who is able to create phases, cause panic in the opponent, but his efforts are sometimes characterized by irresponsibility.

Croatia has come to the end thanks to the value of its players. Only. By another word, her national team does not represent her national football or the dynamics of her league. The success is due to this particular batch of players, who present a remarkable but also mature in action and reaction complex.

No surprises are expected from Dessan and Dalic, with the first lining up France with its classic 4-2-3-1 and Matoudi, Griezmann and Bape behind the promoted Zirou, while the latter kicks down this 4-1-4-1, with the fortified center of Rakitic and Montric and the always dangerous wings of Rebits and Pericits who, with their actions, will look for Mantzukic in the area.

Possible compositions:

France: Joris, Hernández, Umti, Varan, Pavar, Pogba, Kante, Matuidi, Grazeman, Bape, Giroux

Croatian: Subasic, Vrsalic, Lovren, Vida, Strinic, Brozovic, Modric, Rakicic, Pericic, Rebic, Mantzucic

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