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Hello my friends,

20 the Irish championship game with Dundalk really taking off ... and not stopping.

Theoretically it could be considered a derby, since the second one is competing with the fourth one, but there is the detail that they split 13 points. Indeed, the fact that Shamrock Rovers play at home, while Derry City at home, gives Shamrock Rovers another advantage, which now sees Dundalk above it, but with more play.

Derby and Closed Game The match between Sligo Rovers and St. Patrick's, since the fifth is struggling with the sixth, with the distance between the two teams, being just one victory, that is three points. Sligo Rovers comes from a heavy defeat, from Dundalk to 4-0, so it will play much more tightly than expected with under 2.5 being a pretty likely outcome.

Dundalk has come to a standstill and is no longer in the running for the top spot and of course is the absolute favorite against Harps, which along with UCD is still in the bottom of the standings and I think it will get win and be ahead of the half time.

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Shamrock R. - Derry C.
Sligo R. - St. Patrick's
Harps - Dundalk

Under 2.5