PL… benchmark.

Bayern Munich are the absolute boss in the Bundesliga and the team that everyone else is thinking about, but one team whose jersey weighs ... tons, boasted a few months ago that he was the only German in Germany who had never known bitter. of downgrading to the 2 category, historic Hamburg. Six championships, three Cups, one Champions League, one Cup and two League Cups adorn her trophy record, but she also had a record of just one. It was the only football team to play uninterruptedly in the top division of the German Championship after the end of the first World Cup and the only one to have played every Bundesliga season since its founding, 1963! Of course, there are still five cases of teams from Germany that did not compete in the first division when they started but have been struggling consistently since winning the rise. Bayern Munich, Leverkusen, Augsburg, Wolfsburg and Hoffenheim. However, Hamburg differs from them.


The North German team was founded as it is today (29/9) in 1887 and completed 131 years of history. The truth is that in recent years, she has flirted many times with relegation, each time she managed to stay in the big salons, but in May 2018 she was the "pharmacist". At the Imtech Arena, the famous (and at the same time unique in the world) digital clock that counted the years, days, hours, minutes and seconds that Hamburg was without stopping in the top category, started again from scratch. On May 12, he was relegated to the 2nd division and the fans broke out. Despite its 2-1 victory over Gladbach, it fell because Wolfsburg beat Cologne 4-1. Shortly before the end of the match in Hamburg, the fans of Kyriakos Papadopoulos' team lit a lot of smoke, with the result that the match was stopped for several minutes and finally continued with the help of the police to complete and not punish the club.


Starting from Greece, AEK comes out of the equation after being relegated a few years ago, Mars has also been relegated, so the other three big ones, Olympiacos, Panathinaikos and PAOK, have stayed. Of course, we count from 1959 when the First National was founded.


Continuing with the advanced championships, in Italy there is only one team that holds the flag high and has never been relegated, Inter. The Nerazzurri have the upper hand, as we remind you that Juventus had fallen due to Calciopolis, Milan has also been relegated in the past, while the same has happened with both Romans. In Spain, Real Madrid and Barcelona have never lost, while the same is true of Athletic Bilbao, despite the fact that it has the peculiarity of playing only with the Basques. He has sometimes approached relegation, but always manages to stay in the big lounges.


On the Island, since the English League's departure, there has been no team that has not fallen, with Arsenal having the largest series presence in the first division, by far 1912. But if we take 1992 as a benchmark in the Premier League, we have six teams without relegation. Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Everton.


Let's go to France, which only has Paris Saint-Germain able to say that it has not fallen, reminding of course that 1970 was founded. But there is a specificity to her case and it is that two years later the team split into two. One track merged with Montreux and made Paris FC first, while the team called Paris Saint-Germain restarted from third. In the 1973-74 season, he returned to the big lounges and has been playing there ever since.


In Portugal, Benfica, Porto and Sporting Lisbon have never been dropped, while in the Netherlands Ajax, Feigenord, PSV Eindhoven and Utrecht have all fallen. In our neighboring Turkey, Galatasaray, Fenerbahce and Besiktas, all teams from Constantinople, play consistently in the big category.

The Rangers got out of the frame

Until a few years ago, there were three teams in Scotland that had never been relegated and now have two left. Celtic and Aberdeen always play in the first division, where Rangers is also, which has fallen into the 4 category due to debt and has made a great effort to climb. At the helm is Steven Gerrard.

* Russian and Ukrainian teams are not on the list because of the breakup of the Soviet Union, as are the teams from the countries of the former Yugoslavia.